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How to Order

Although we try to streamline the ordering process as much as possible, we know it can still be confusing trying to find your way around an unfamiliar website. That is why we created this little guide on how to order from the Camel Milk Association. 

First off, everyone that orders from us needs to be a member of the site. There are two different membership levels, and you can read all about them on this page. (The one exception is ordering gift certificates. You do not need to sign up before ordering; however, you will be asked to create an account in the checkout process. This essentially signs you up for the limited membership.)

To order a full membership registration, click on the link in the left column called "Full Membership Registration" and select the "Full Membership Registration" item. Alternatively, click here to take you there. To avoid all confusion, understand that once you have placed this order, it may take up to the next business day before this full membership becomes active.

Once you are signed up and logged in, you are ready to place orders. If you have set up the free Limited Membership, you will be able to order Rare Milk™products. To order these, click the "Order Rare Milk™ Products" link in the left column an then select the products you would like. Alternatively, click here to take you to that product list.

If you have purchased your full membership and are currently logged in, you can order any of the products available in our store. To order Rare Milk™ Products, use the instructions above. If you would like to order our own camel milk or kefir, you may click on the link in the left column, the link bar across the top of the page, or below your name in the top right corner of the page called "Order Camel Milk & Kefir." Alternatively, click here to be taken to the list of all products available to our Full Members. 

On any product list page, or category page, you can click on any of the individual item images or titles to be taken to that item's detail page. These usually have more information about the individual product, as well as defining any of the different options that are available for that item. Also on the details page is a button to add the item to your cart. If you wish to skip the item detail page, you can click on the "Add to Cart" button by the item you want directly on the category page to add it to your cart without the extra step.

After you have added a product to your cart, you can either go back to the category pages by using the links in the left column, or by clicking the "Continue Shopping" button in the cart. 

Once you have added all the items you plan to order to your cart, you can preview the shipping cost by entering your Zip Code in the "Calculate Shipping" field and clicking "Go." (This is not necessary, but it allows you to see how much the shipping will cost before checkout.) You can also edit the quantities of the items in your cart, as well as delete items you will not order at the time.

When you are ready, click the "Proceed to Checkout" button in the cart or the "Checkout" link in the shopping cart bar that appears below the top link menu. This will take you to our one-page checkout system. While many features of this page may appear obvious, there are a few items to notice. 
  • Be sure that your billing address matches your credit card information.
  • Be sure that all information in the form is correct, and that you have selected all of the items you want to receive.
  • Be sure to re-enter your email address in the "Confirm Email" field. 
  • Be sure to select the correct shipping method based on how soon you will need your items.
  • Be sure to select "Online Credit Card" (the only payment option).
  • If you want to leave special shipping/order instructions, please type them into the "Comments" field BEFORE finalizing your order.
Once all required information is provided, you will be able to select your preferred payment method within the frame appearing below the "Online Credit Card" option. We use PayPal for all of our transactions. However, if you do not have a PayPal account, you can simply enter your credit card information without setting one up.

If you select "Checkout with PayPal," you will be asked to sign in to your account, select your funding source, and confirm your order. If you use the "Pay with Credit or Debit Card" option, you will need to fill in your information and click "Finalize Order."

Once you have placed your order, you can sit back and wait for it to arrive.