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Why the Change to Camel Milk Associations Business Model?
The Association is required by the State Of  West Virginia Department Of  Agriculture to operate with Herd Share Agreements to avoid being in violation of the Michigan milk laws if we wish to Provide 
Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk.

Thaw the camel milk completely before removing any from the container for best consistency throughout the camel milk.

For faster thawing (Our preferred method): Place bottle of camel milk in a bowl of cool water. Agitating it frequently while thawing helps reduce the possibility of separation.

Once thawed, enjoy a good cold drink of Camel Milk!

Promptly place what you do not use then in coldest spot in the refrigerator till your next use.

Does the baby camel not need the colostrum? Why do you deprive the baby camel from the colostrum by selling it?


Thanks for any and all concern for the ethical treatment of animals especially the amazing camel! 

As a camel farmer we can only collect milk from a mother with a baby on its side, unlike cows where the baby is pulled off and bottle-fed and leaving no connection with the Dam.

So this means the health of the baby camel is of great importance to the farmer as a dead baby camel means no milk for the farmer.

The babies stay in contact and stay bonded to the mother the entire length of the lactation which can be up to 3 years, this is a quality of life for a baby animal unparalleled in the wild or any other domestic comparison. We as the farmer do not collect colostrum from every camel instead we evaluate every camel's supply and needs of the baby, this translates to the farmer collecting colostrum from 2 out of 3 births on average, the amount of colostrum collected will also vary greatly from camel to camel when it is collected.

We as farmers keenly recognize our need to work with nature and its rich resources and inspire to respect its limits and boundaries of nature for the enhancement and quality of life for all of God's creation which mankind is the crown jewel.


What do you feed the camel?
Please follow this link   http://www.camelmilkassociation.org/camel-feed-care.html

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