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Milk/Camel Tests

Welcome to the Camel Milk Association. Here we have listed the results of several of the tests we have had done on our camels and milk. 

Upon request, we can send out the latest test results with each package of milk.
Each of these links opens a PDF file containing the information from the test.

Test Results from 2014-03-12

Test Results from 2014-02-06

Test Results from 2014-01-09

Test Results from 2013-12-18

Test Results from 2013-11-06

Test Results from 2013-10-09

Test Results from 2013-09-11

Test Results from 2013-08-14

Test Results from 2013-05-22

Test Results from 2013-04-17

Test Results from 2013-04-10

Test Results from 2013-03-13

Test Results from 2013-01-16

Below is more information and previous tests. 

Here is our 4-25-12 camel milk test

Below you will find the other test with an explanation of what they mean to you as the members of Camel Milk Association.

Dear Valued Members,

We are happy to say things are going well on the farm with happy healthy camels.

We are adding to the web site all the time so stay updated at www.camelmilkassociation.org

All of the milking Camels are on an effective Parasite control program.

Every camel that is new to the farm as well as used for milking is TB and Brucellosis Tested.

We have done a test on our water for coliform and it came back with the lowest number they can put on a test result >2 Making the water we use to wash and rinse with classed as safe potable water. Water testing 3-7-2012

All the water in the Kitchen is also run through a 3 step filter.

We are also doing monthly tests on the milk and are very pleased with the results.

isboah 3-7-12 camel milk test.pdf

We are the Gold standard in hygiene and milk care Here is the 3-05 Test from the Lab.

standard plate count (SPC/g ) recommended being less than 10,000 (ours is at 2,600)

Semitic cell count (DMCC) is required to be less than 500,000 (ours is at 120,000)

The deadly E.coli 0157-H7 and a blanket E.coli test came back negative.

Listeria and Salmonella came back Negative.

I was told that all raw milk will have Coliform (Dirt) in it, and I said we will have none. The recommended level for coliform is to be less than 10 (

This test was done on an off-shelf (freezer) but before a frozen bottle of milk picked totally at random and sent to The Lab. This milk contains milk from 5 camels being milked into the same bucket. From 3-05 pm milking.

I had no idea that milking was to be tested when we milked that PM so no special care was taken over and above any other milking.

We are also doing a series of videos to show our members the farm and our milking and milk handling practices. You can view these videos on our Farm Tour Videos page.

Our goal is to get the milk to you frozen if you order frozen and to make sure that happens we are using other delivery services to make that possible without doing next-day air. 2nd day and 2nd day am are good options to choose if your location does not deliver within 2 days with standard ground home delivery.

Please let us know if there is anything you wish we would change in our practices in our membership services. You are a part of this Association and we desire your input and feedback.

Thanks, Marlin