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Sirloin Steak - Grass Fed Beef

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Melt in your mouth Young Tender Beef!

 Born and raised on our own Ranch!
Better than certified Organic! 
 These two 16 month old grass fed Angus & Longhorn/Angus steers had absolutely no contact with Chemicals, Hormones or other inorganic matter or feed to our knowledge.
  Fresh water, Barley sprouts (fodder) green grass and local organically grown grass hay was their only diet.
  They were mother raised till next calf was born, this mothers milk for a year gives them the healthy immune system and natural growth boost they needed.
 Along with sharing the same water source as the camel!  
Studies have shown 10% faster weight gain due to shared micro organisms from the camels digestive system through shared water source.
  This Beef is not certified organic! Nevertheless organically raised!! 
Organic is a English word not a USDA owned definition!
 Only While Supply lasts!
We only have these two beef this year and my wife says we need to keep for our own use as well!
 This beef is truly tender and yes these steers were fat, Healthy Fat! Leaner than grain fed beef but not stringy like some grass fed can be.
The inspected place of butcher was impressed with their condition, size and weight at only 16 months old!
 We know the demand for quality beef processed professionally with all the right cuts, so we are pricing according, how ever due to the outrageous price of beef right now we feel we are offering you, our members a great opportunity to benefit from another product produced right here on this pristine northern MI Ranch at a great value!
Best wishes from
Camel Milk Association