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Top Round Steak - Grass Fed Beef

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Top Round Steak Grass-fed, Beyond Organic

I to 2 LB per unit
Direct from our sustainable farm to your table. 100% chemical-free, free range, grass-fed Top Round Steaks.

Few things in this world surpass the exquisite flavor of a juicy steak. Unless it's a juicy steak that also happens to be chemical-free, healthier for you, and raised using sustainable farming methods. Try our Top Round Steak for your next steak dinner.

About Top Round Steak

This cut is an excellent choice for those seeking lean, economical steak. It comes from the well-exercised round region, giving it a low fat content, but it requires a moist cooking method for tenderness.

Cooking With Top Round Steak

Because Top Round is a lean cut with little fat, it is best when cooked slowly with a moist heat method like braising. If you do choose to grill, be sure to marinate first.

Marinating & Grilling Braising

Our grass-fed beef is raised right here on the farm using truly sustainable and healthy farming practices. We use farming methods that are better for the environment and that produce healthier, better tasting beef!

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